Monday, October 21, 2013

OKB (orgullo kan bikol) the trade fair

it is the event that we, entrepreneurs look forward to.  

an annual event which let us experience the metro market and give us a feel on what areas in our products need improvement.  not that needing improvement is a bad thing.   bwahahaha!

i thought i would not be able to join the fair, but luck would have it that i did, with much support from the people's choice agency, the DTI.

it was an event entrepreneurs meet other entrepreneurs and also an event for buyers to scout for good products, for instutional sales and for personal stock list of gifts for the coming Christmas.

F.A.R.M. is grateful to Jay Ablan for paving the way to this mega trade fair and for making sure it was a fun experience.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

F.A.R.M. clothesline

the F.A.R.M. "clothesline" has been launched in the recently held fashion show:  Designer's Statement - anno duo.  at the SM City Naga. 

as the literal translation of the word suggests, "clothesline" is about clean laundry.  clothes in this series are made from 100% washed and upcycled used silk and satin, embroidered and sewn with tender loving care by the rural women of baao, camarines sur.

F.A.R.M. Fashion Statement

while this is my first attempt at showing off what i believe in, on the runway, it is definitely not the first in my attempts to show i care about my planet.  my love for the environment is the fuel that propels me to create.  the truth is, my insatiable passion for the environment and my driving motivation to bring about real, positive change, drove me to join this fashion show:  Designer's Statement - anno duo.
i felt that if i wanted to have a broad impact as an individual, i would need to break out of my local confines and reach out to people in new ways.

my aim is to show that what we wear has a wide-ranging effect on the environment,  for me, it is not my love for fashion that made me passionate about the environment. rather, it is my passion for the environment that made me love fashion for its potential to create change.  what we wear to make us look good, should also make us feel good.

i have taken up the challenge of combining style with sustainability, and began a trek down a path to a more fulfilling lifestyle.  it is about incorporating more environmentally and socially responsible principles and practices throughout the manufacturing process and life cycle of the product - from materials to construction to design to how to care for the clothes and what to do with them when i do not want them any longer.  by creating this fashion line, i know that my style is no longer in conflict with the way i wanted to live my life.  i could finally look good, feel good and do good - simultaneously:  a win-win-win situation!
i hope what i have created will not only help people see style in a new light but also inspire them to make a difference.  so i dedicate this line of bags, clothing and accessories to everyone who cares about their mother and want to look good while doing better.

may we all lead by example and do so in style!